The Club is 100% run by volunteers and we ask that at least one adult per family helps out in some way at least once a term.

To Sign up to help with a Hall Dinner, please click here.

There are many ways to help out, we are sure there's something that will be enjoyable at a time that suits you. Here are some ways you can help out;

  • Hall Dinner - Fun and easy, preparation of food and setting up and cleaning up. Highly social and there is always someone around who knows what needs to be done. To select your preferred date, please click here

  • Teaching the Pathfinders a skill so they can get an honour - There are honours on many topics, if you have a particular interest or passion you'd like to share, get in touch with your level leader and let them know.

  • Helping at a Camp - Specific tasks vary, contact Level leader and they will advise how you can help out. All parent helpers must have completed their Working with Children Check.

  • Transport - children and/or equipment - Communication about various activities will alert to the need to assistance, please respond to the emails.

  • Equipment care and stocktaking - Contact Mick Monteleone our Equipment coordinator at a Pathfinder hall meeting and he will advise how you can assist.

  • Fund Raising Activities - Specific tasks vary and will be communicated, key dates at Dad's Camp Out and Food Stall at SAN Carols at Christmas