Pathfinder Day

Pathfinder Day is a once-a-year Sabbath, officially set aside by the World SDA Church designed to give our Pathfinders an opportunity to be seen, heard, and acknowledged in their local church. The program is run by Pathfinders themselves giving them a chance to develop their leadership skills. They are in full uniform for greater visibility. Every year we rotate the location between our three churches:

  • Fox Valley Seventh-Day Adventist Church

  • Wahroonga Seventh-Day Adventist Church

  • Mt Colah Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

Usually we have a fun social event in the evening after Sabbath. Previously District 3 and Pathfinders and quite a few parents enjoyed Pizza, Laser Tag and Dodgem cars.

Please refer to the Calendar for Pathfinder Day details for this year.

As the date approaches, please refer to "Communications" and emails with further details.

Event Organiser: TBA