Dress Uniform

  • Bottle green trousers (boys) or skirt (girls)

  • Khaki shirt (boys) or white blouse (girls) with buttoned pockets and shoulder straps for epaulettes

  • Patches for shirt/blouse

    • World emblem, conference emblem and triangle

    • Wahroonga club name patch

  • Black tie (different styles for boys and girls)

  • Black belt with Pathfinder buckle

  • Scarf (yellow for Pathfinders, red for leaders)

  • Woggle

  • Bottle green sash

  • Black leather shoes

  • Black socks (boys) or white socks (girls)

  • Epaulettes (for Rangers, Voyagers, Guides)

To purchase items of dress uniform, please visit the Adventist Book Centre (ABC) at Epping, where you are welcome to try on various sizes. Alternatively, you can order online and pick up at either Wahroonga or Epping ABC.

For placement of patches on the dress uniform, refer to this guide. More details are included below.

The Wahroonga club name patch is available for approximately $8.50 from the club. If you need one, please place an order on your registration form.

There are some dress uniforms available second hand, please contact our uniform co-ordinator to see what is available.

Akubra hats are provided by the club when required at no charge.

Field Uniform

The field uniform is specific to the Wahroonga Pathfinders club as opposed to the Dress Uniform which is the same for all Clubs.

The field Uniform is a Polo Shirt, is to be worn for regular club meetings, with jeans or shorts. We suggest that each Pathfinder has at least one club polo shirt, which can be purchased from the club for approximately $36 each. These can be purchased at the start of the year when registering or throughout the year via the Uniform co-ordinator.

Dress Uniform Detailed Badge/Patch Placement