Contact Us & Keeping in Touch

Our contact details for our Leaders and Key Staff members.  Feel free to contact people as needed.  Please understand EVERYONE is a volunteer so they may not always be able to respond immediately.  

Should there be an emergency situation during an activity, there is always an emergency contact, please refer to emails specific about the activity for the nominated Emergency Contact for that event.

Wahroonga Pathfinder - Key Contacts

 Name Role Email address
 Melanie Windus Director
 Richard Todd Director
 Deb Coules Secretary
 David Goodacre Deputy Director
 Graeme Martin Deputy Director
 David Goodacre Treasurer
 Marcelle Martin Friend Leader
 Natalie Millar Companion Leader
 Greg Meddick Explorer Leader
 Lyndal Todd Ranger Leader
Andrea & Arthur Hudson Voyager Leaders
 Raelean Guide Leaders
 Jayden Streatfeild Master Guide Coordinator

If you need to contact someone and you do not have their email address, please contact the Club Directors who will forward the message to the relevant person.

Marcelle Martin
Keralie Groom
Kelvin Evans
Friend Leader (Level 1- 10 yrs)
Natalie Millar
Naomi Granger
Companion Leader (Level 1 - 11 yrs)
Greg Meddick
Megan Baker
Leon Buracott
Amelia Martin
Explorer Leader (Level 2 - 12 yrs)
Lyndal Todd
Rod Pavitt
Richard Todd
Ranger Leader (Level 2 - 13 yrs)
Andrea & Arthur Hudson
Voyager Leaders (Level 3 - 14 yrs)
Raelean Goodacre
Guide Leader (Level 3 - 15 yrs)
Jayden StreatfeildMaster Guide Coordinator (Staff - 16 yrs)
Alex Pavitt
Chirs McKay
Mason Windus
Ryan Aranha
Master Guide
Master Guide
Master Guide
Master Guide
Nerolie KingUniform Coordinator
Ros MonteleoneCatering Coordinator
Mick MonteleoneEquipment Coordinator
Karl King
Glyndon Boehm
Peter Groom
Mark WindusTransport
David SavageYouth Liason Role

Useful Links

South Pacific Division Web Site - Click here

General Conference - Click here

South Pacific Division (SPD) Honours Catalogue - Click here

North American Division - Click here

Keeping in Touch

It is important that we are able to communicate with all parents and Pathfinders through the year.  We understand that we all communicate in different ways so we have a number of methods by which we can stay in touch.

  • Firstly, all email addresses that are used on our registration forms will be added to a Google Group. This is our main distribution list so that we can forward information to you by MailChimp.
  • We have a closed Facebook group called Wahroonga Pathfinders which you can ask to join. Click here to request access.
  • This web site is your source for reference information, and is where you need to keep up to date with Club information.
  • We are always available to talk to you in person, on the phone, or by email should you have any questions or concerns.

Wahroonga Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Resources for Leaders and Staff Only

If you Require Access, please email

Click here for access to Wahroonga Pathfinders G Drive for finding and storing information about the Club etc. You can copy and paste this link too.