Wholesale Prices for Packs - Please let Arthur know if you want to purchase by Sunday 12th March

posted 8 Mar 2017, 02:01 by Naomi Granger

Hello Pathfinder Families
I hope you are evaluating your hiking/camping equipment needs.

As advertised an order is about to be placed with the club's wholesale provider, Mannagum.

Please have your Order to me by email by Sunday night - 12/3 and I will contact you by phone regarding payment.

Most popular are the well priced Child-Teen’s 60L and Adults 80L “Mawson” backpacks, $100 and $108.  Add $5.00 to $8.00 Freight per item.

Thank you Arthur

     Pack it Good!

Hi Everyone,
Wahroonga Pathfinders have access to wholesale prices for Back packs that will see your child through their time in the club quite adequately.  These are again being offered and an order placed soon. The Company is Mannagum and the products can be viewed on their websiteYour child will continue or require a pack — even if to keep their gear together to take a short walk to a campsite.

An example of both 60L and 80L sizes (Child and Adult) will be available to inspect at the next Hall Meeting 4 March

Prices are $100 and $108.  You will also get some discount at Kathmanduwhen you mention “Pathfinders” but these are quite a good deal and come with a built in rain cover.  A shared charge for freight would be added and depend on how many take up the offer.

Please see a director or a deputy if you have any questions about outdoor equipment needs. 

To place your order please call or email Arthur:  Mobile:   0415-400798
Email:   Directors@wahroongapathfinders.org

Store Link: Mannagum Outdoors
Store Link:  Kathmandu

See YOU Saturday - 4 MARCH 2017
Andrea and Arthur Hudson - Club Directors
Wahroonga Pathfinders

Arthur 0415-400798

Andrea 0408-241391