ALL Families asked to Help - Setting Up OR Packing Down Tents at WAS Dad's Camp Out 29/30 October

posted 19 Aug 2016, 05:46 by Naomi Granger   [ updated 17 Oct 2016, 03:50 ]
Dear Pathfinders and Pathfinder Families,

You are probably aware that we do NOT do a lot of fund raising for the Club and there is a major initiative coming up soon, setting up and packing up tents for families who attend the Wahroonga Adventist School Dad's Camp out. Families who use our tents pay for the privilege and also pay for the joy of having us put them up and pack them away for them. Every year it gets more popular and we have borrowed extra tents from other clubs to cater for the anticipated demand. We are asking for volunteers to help set up and pack up the tents.We expect at least one family member from every family to help out. We are asking;

- Families who
are attending the Dad's Camp Out help with set up from 2:00 to 4:00 on Saturday 29th
- Families who are NOT attending help with Pack Up and on Sunday 30th 10am to 12 noon.

click on the link below to put your name down, we are asking for Adults AND Pathfinders to assist. Apparently there will be quite a few treats for those who assist! Assuming more than 1 family member will be helping, please sign up each person who will be assisting so we have an accurate number of  

Looking forward to your support.  

Naomi Granger (AKA Josh's Mum)Any questions, please email Naomi at:

PS I am a good nag, please sign up, I will follow up if you don't! If you are genuinely unavailable, please let me know and please sign up to help out with a Pathfinder Hall Meeting dinner