SAN Christmas Carol's Fundraiser - Your Support is Requested

posted 9 Jan 2017, 22:23 by Naomi Granger
SAN Carols - Fundraiser - Sunday 11 December 2016
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Pathfinder Support Required

Dear Pathfinder families
We trust you had a great time at Investiture.  So on to our VERY last formal Pathfinder event for 2016 - Fund Raising Stall at SAN Carol's this SUNDAY 11th December.

We have done this for a few years and it's fun and a great way for Pathfinders and parents to team up.  We appreciate that SAN Carols' is  family time plus many children are performing so we only ask of 2 hours of your time at the very most - some jobs only need 1 hr of your time.  There are jobs that need to be done BEFORE the Carol's start so that may be preferable to some people as well as things during the evening.
Please use our Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

Here are the roles and all are really easy.

Peel Corn & Pre-Cook it at Wahroonga Church Kitchen - 2-4pm, need 4 people.

Peel the corn and pre-cook it. We will have someone there who knows how to use the equipment.
Set Up Stall, 3-4pm, Need 3 People
Set Up Trestle tables, hot box for corn, toastie sandwich makers etc
Runners - Need 8 people, 4 Adults and 4 Pathfinders in 1 hours "shifts", 4pm til 8pm only 1hr for each "shift"
Transport cold drinks and hot corn from Wahroonga Church to our stall. Would like Adult to be pro-active, look what's running low and anticipate needs BEFORE we run out of food or drinks! Pathfinder to help stabilise the load, guide over bumps etc.
Order Taker / Server - Pathfinders can do this, Need 8 in total, 4 people per 2 Hr Shift 4-6pm or 6-8pm
Order Taker - Take orders from people, maybe go out into crowd to encourage supporting our Stall, stand in front of the stall.  Server will be in the stall, getting drinks and adding condiments to corn.   Lots of fun.
Cashiers - Need 2 People, each to do a 2 hr Shift 4-6pm or 6-8pm
Prefer adult, must be capable of giving correct change under pressure
Toastie Sandwich Maker / Getting Corn from Oven, Need 4 People, each to do a 2 hr Shift 4-6pm or 6-8pm
Prefer an adult or older Pathfinder due to hot food and safety concerns.  Make Toastie Sandwiches and get Corn from oven (and shut oven door!)

Pack Up Sunday Need 3 people for 1 hr (max) 8-9pm
Pack stuff up - what else can I say.

Equipment - If we could please borrow some large 4 slice flat on top and bottom toastie Sandwich makers, that would be great and a few large esky's filled with ice.  Please note if you are bringing these on the Volunteer Sign Up sheet thanks.  Not that we don't appreciate ALL support, please only large 4 slice toastie sandwich makers!  If you lend anything, please pick it up at the end of the evening.

Thanks for your support and assistance.

Organisers - Mel Windus Melanie Windus ( and Mick Monteleone Mick Monteleone ( Stall Booking, Food purchasing, Equipment gathering etc.  If you would like to help them, please get in touch.  If anyone is going to the Markets and can pick up the corn, please let Melanie know.  Volunteer organiser Naomi.

Event Co-ordinators:  Melanie Windus & Mick Monteleone