LAST DAY for early bird discounts when booking for Unstoppable Camporee.

posted 2 Sept 2018, 01:03 by Naomi Granger

LAST DAY for early bird discounts when booking for Unstoppable Camporee.
All food is provided in your registration fee.

After today the fee will rise by $20 per person to $210

Adults attending Camporee must pay the appropriate registration fee and will be responsible for supervising a group of children (at least 6) and observance of the timetable
Remember anyone under 10 (by January 1) will not be allowed entry to the private pathfinder site.

Unstoppable Australian Pathfinder Camporee 2019

The Unstoppable Australian Pathfinder Camporee will be held 1 - 6 January 2019 in Molesworth Victoria.  (Molesworth is next to the Goulburn River, 90 minutes north east of Melbourne Airport). 

The Camporee promises to be an unforgettable five days of fun, friendship and spiritual awakening for Pathfinders and leaders from all across Australia.  There will be exciting new activities, new friendship opportunities, top speakers, outstanding night programs with awesome music and a specially written drama.

Pathfinders are eligible to attend this Camporee if they have turned 10 by the commencement date of the Camporee - 1 January 2019.  Pathfinders have to wait 4 years for this event to roll around.  Don't miss it.

Camporee Fees are designed to encourage applications and payment of fees to be made by 2 September 2018. 
The fee schedule to the AUC is:
          $190 by 2 Sept
          $210 by 1 Dec
          $240 after 2 Dec

Register NOW

Please DO NOT let cost be the factor that prevents your Pathfinder attending.  If cost is prohibiting you registering please speak with Melanie or Richard in confidence.