Kitchen Support and ALDI Camping Special - Hike Stove

posted 16 Jul 2017, 01:07 by Naomi Granger
Pathfinders - Keeping in Touch & Working Together
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Volunteer Kitchen Support Required
The Pathfinders have certainly enjoyed some wonderful meals to date.  This happens through the support of Volunteer Staff.  We require a commitment from parents and carersto ensure this continues with the same success and support.  Let's get behind Tracy & Craig; what date will suit YOU?  
Hall Meeting No.6 - 22 July
Hall Meeting No.7 - 26 August
Hall Meeting No.8 - 14 October
Hall Meeting No.9 -  4 November

Volunteer Signup :

We expect that all families volunteer in some capacity during the Pathfinder year.  One of the easiest ways to fulfill this is in the kitchen. Please use the Volunteer Signup link above or alternatively, forward your preferences to the Kitchen co-ordinator:  Tracy Quan
NEED Outdoor Gear
ALDI Sale to commence - 8 July (Saturday)

The pot set comes highly recommended (as used by some of our more seasoned hikers).
"Great set with piezo ignition stove and pot set. We have had one for years, and have been waiting for it to come up again...I suggest you get one if you don't have a hiking stove, great for expedition where you want to pack light! $29.99 excellent value. Note, need to buy gas cylinder separately from camping store or maybe K-Mart, not allowed to be sold with it due to safety concerns." Naomi