June - Hall Meeting, Bike Training, Master Guides First Aid, Bike Camp, Pathfinder Day

posted 29 May 2018, 15:51 by Naomi Granger

June activities


1. Hall Meeting No 5 - June 2

When :     4.30pm sharp
Where :    Main auditorium Fox Valley Community Centre
Dress :     Field  Uniform

2. Bike Training Day - June 3

When :     1.30pm sharp mandatory for any new pathfinders who have not attended Bike Camp previously
Where :    Long Trail Track - Cnr Mallawa Road & Bulara Street, Duffys Forest
Dress :     Field  Uniform

3. Master Guide First Aid Certificate - June 3

When :     9.00am sharp
Where :    Suite 11, Level 2  252 Peats Ferry Rd, Hornsby  NSW  2077
Dress :     Field  Uniform

4. Bike Camp - June 9 - 11

When :     from 4pm June 9 - afternoon June 11
Where :    Wingello State Forest - Southern Highlands
What to bring :       Lots of warm clothes (its very cold)

                 All your food & equipment for camping
                 Talk to your leaders about what you need to know


5. Pathfinder Day - June 30

Pathfinder Day is on again at Fox Valley Community Centre on JUNE 30.

When :     10.30am on Sabbath morning 
Where :    Meet outside Fox Valley Community Centre, on the grass outside the kitchen.
Dress :     Full Dress Uniform   (Not available - Please use Field Uniform)

You are invited to stay for lunch (please let us know so we can prepare food).

Please bring something to share:
                 Dips with vegies and crackers
                 Fruits for platter
                 Slice or cake to share

6. Hall Meeting No.6 - June 30
When :     4.30pm sharp
Where :    Main auditorium Fox Valley Community Centre
Dress :     Field  Uniform



Bike Camp Information Summary

June 3 Bike Training Session for all Pathfinders who have not attended Bike Camp previously.

Meet at 1:20pm Long Trail Track - Corner Mallawa Road & Bulara Street, Duffys Forest.

June 9 - 11 Wingello State Forest - Southern Highlands
Bike Camp Registration Open NOW 
(click on now to enter registration)

Event Coordinator:  Dave Goodacre
Phone:         0481 457 367
Email:          davygoods22@icloud.com

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Car Wash. More than $1000 was raised for Currawah Aboriginal Education Centre.  

  1. Hall Dinners - Part-time Staff and Parents helpers are welcome to stay for dinner. However, we ask EVERYONE  to contribute financially - $5 per meal, for those who have not paid upfront.
  2. Website - All you want to know but were afraid to ask... including the latest email, a Calendar for the year and where to sew badges! www.wahroongapathfinders.org.au
  3. Facebook - Check out the latest photos https://www.facebook.com/groups/137469349648344/ 
  4. Sharing the Fun - We need EACH family to help out in some way once a term, please volunteer NOW 
  5. Uniforms : if you have ordered a field shirt or badge and not received it please contact Nerolie King at hall meeting.
See YOU THIS Weekend - Saturday
Melanie Windus and Richard Todd - Club Directors
Wahroonga Pathfinders

Melanie 0429 991 147

Richard 0404 071 469
Email:  directors@wahroongapathfinders.org