Family Camp - Registration Closing, Final Details, Water Ski Day Wrap Up incl Honours info and Volunteering - Help out a Dinner please

posted 7 Feb 2017, 15:32 by Naomi Granger
In Summary:  

Dear Pathfinders and Families, 
1. Thankyou for everyone who came to the Waterski Day. It looked like everyone had a great time. If you successfully learnt how to wakeboard or waterski on the day (which includes crossing the wake), please contact either myself ( or download from the link below for the theory component for you to complete at home for your honour. The practical component will be verified by the boat driver or spectator on board.
Waterski Honour
Wakeboard Honour
2. Volunteering:
Thankyou for those who have signed up to volunteer. We now need volunteers for May til the end of the year . Could you NOW sign up using this volunteer sheet indicating the dates you are able to attend. Note we only have 6 volunteers so far and need at least 20 more! This is not restricted to mums, as there are many jobs for dads as well.


Click here to signup :


 Family Camp 2017  
 Friday 10th Feb  - Sunday 12th Feb  

Family Camp Kiama will CLOSE TODAY - 9pm.
see the flyer for more information.
For registrationclick here

Map Sydney to Kiama Big 4 , click here
Map of Kiama to Bushranger Bay, BassPoint, click here
Map of Bushrangers Bay, click here


1. Please read the Flyer for details on the weekend - especially WHAT TO BRING. In addition, for the kite honour if Pathfinders could bring a MARKER , RULER and SCISSORS that would be great!

2. Print out the camp program BEFORE you come . There will not be spare copies at camp.

3. Print out driving directions to snorkelling site at Bushrangers Bay.

4. On arrival at Kiama Big 4, you will need an entry code from the office or from us. Contact details below. Check with the office 1st. Proceed to C1-C22 and speak to either Andrea Hudson or Deb Coules for your tent allocation site. Pathfinders will be allocated to a tent with their level group.  An early arrival is always going to help with camp setup. 

5. As discussed at the 1st hall meeting, Pathfinders should be prepared to make their own dinner on Saturday night. Your class teacher may already have communicated this. This is a good opportunity for them to practise with supervision, and prove they can actually do it!. Gas cookers will be available under the central taj.  Some meal ideas might include : Noodles, Continental Pasta Mix, baked beans, eggs  or anything they like as long as they can cook it.
This is part of their Pathfinder Curriculum.

6. Family camp program starts at 8pm, please plan to be there at or before this time , so we can start the program together. Late arrival times are sometimes hard to avoid but they do disrupt the camp. Thankyou for your consideration of others.


Looking forward to a fun weekend! See you there!

Event Co-ordinators:  
0409-718021 - Deb Coules
0408-241391 - Andrea & Arthur Hudson
For more details click here or below link
Andrea and Arthur Hudson - Club Directors
Wahroonga Pathfinders
Arthur 0415-400798

Andrea 0408-241391