Expedition - Preliminary Info including Early Bird Sign Up

posted 5 Aug 2017, 18:23 by Naomi Granger
              The great news is that we will be ROGAINING again this year!          
Hi Everyone - Registration NOW Open for the 2017 Pathfinder Expedition - held:
Where:  Thirlmere Lakes (near Picton)
When:    From 4:30pm Friday (22 Sept)  to  3:00pm Sunday (24 Sept)  

Cost:      Early Bird - $35 p/p (Conference Registration Fee) +
$10 (Club Equipment Hire/Levy) 

Post 21/8 $60 p/p (Conference Registration Fee) 

$10 (Club Equipment Hire/Levy) 
To register you need to visit: https://events.adventist.org.au/Registration/Event/1661  
Everyone needs to register themselves on the website for this event.  Parents and Class Leaders are encouraged to attend Expedition, and will need to register on the website as well.  Adults will be required to hike, carry own pack and assist or lead out small groups according to their experience.

Earlybird registration is open until 21st August, and the cost is $35.  After this date there will be late registration open until 4th September, and this will be $60. NO registrations are possible after 4th September, so make sure you get in early.   An information logbook will be mailed to you by the GSC (Greater Sydney Conference) - Pathfinder organisers once you have registered.
The Wahroonga Pathfinder Club charges a $10 equipment fee per person for this camp.  A club booking page (link) to be provided shortly.  This covers the costs of the tents etc that will be provided for all Pathfinders and/or attendees as required.  
The Wahroonga Pathfinder Club is planning to have a pack check day on Sunday 17th September 4 PM to ensure all participants are adequately prepared.  There will be more information on that at a later date.
If you haven’t been to Expedition or done any Rogaining before, here are some more details:
We don’t have many details at this stage, however we do know that all groups will be given the same map and then each group will be choosing their own route based on the location of the Rogaining checkpoints they are targeting.  We may find out a bit more about the likely camping locations a bit closer to the date.  Last year everyone had to move camps between Friday and Saturday nights, however last time we were at Thirlmere most groups camped in the same location both nights – only the hero challenge groups camped away from basecamp.
EVERYONE WILL NEED TO PROVIDE THEIR OWN FOOD for Expedition.  There will be ideas for meals in your Expedition pre-log, and there are heaps of websites that provide advice on meals for hiking.  Dry meals are lightest, just add water at camp.
Everyone will need to bring bottles or bladders to carry their own water – at least 2-3 litres.  The club will be taking water containers to base camp, however please bring plenty of water so there is no shortage.  Out on the hikes, any water taken from rivers or creeks MUST BE BOILED OR STERILISED prior to drinking.
Everyone will need a torch, headlamps are best.
There are no fires allowed in the National Park, so any hot food will need to be cooked on portable gas stoves.  

If anyone has a problem getting to and from Expedition, please let us know so that we can help organise transport. 
Once registration is complete we will be dividing everyone into groups with adult leaders, based around the Level groups.
The club has sufficient two way radios for at least two per Level group.  Each group will contact Basecamp every time they reach a checkpoint so that HQ can track everyone’s locations.
Will be issued just before the Rogaining starts.
Everyone will need to bring a compass as it will be essential to assist in navigating between checkpoints.
The club will be providing tents for all Pathfinders, which will be carried by the Pathfinders.  Adults can hire a tent or bring their own small tent.  
Hiking Equipment
The Expedition pre-log will have a list of equipment to bring.  If you have any questions, please ask.  Remember to have thermals in case it is cold and rain jacket & pants in case it rains. Everyone will require their own pack and possibly daypack .
Mobile Phones / Electronic Devices:
Pathfinders are not to bring mobile phones or electronic devices to Expedition.
If you have any questions please contact our Expedition Coordinator Chris Jameson at chrisandsarah@optusnet.com.au
Event Co-ordinator:  Chris Jameson  -  chrisandsarah@optusnet.com.au

Andrea and Arthur Hudson - Club Directors
Wahroonga Pathfinders

Arthur 0415-400798

Andrea 0408-241391
Email:  directors@wahroongapathfinders.org