Level 2 Camp October 22/23 Info AND Registration Link

posted 12 Oct 2009, 17:34 by Naomi Granger   [ updated 17 Oct 2016, 03:56 ]
Hi everyone,

As you’re aware the level 2 camp is scheduled for October 22-23. Please register asap on https://events.adventist.org.au/Registration/Event/1261 .

We’re off to the Royal National Park to do a part of the coast track walk and as they say : The Coast track simply must be walked at least once in a lifetime. You’ll walk along cliffs, beaches and escarpments, taking in magnificent ocean views and the rugged beauty of Royal National Park’s coastline as you go. For an idea of the area see http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/things-to-do/Itineraries/itinerary-the-coast-track

Plan is to travel by bus from Wahroonga Church car park leaving 7:30am Saturday 22 October and plan to return around 4pm Sunday.

We plan to camp at North Era campground and walk in from Otford with packs for around 7 km on Saturday then out again via Wattamolla Sunday ( approx 9 km) with rest and swimming to break it up. We will drop our packs and Garie Beach for the Sunday walk and walk with day packs from there to Wattamolla.

Be at Wahroonga church by 7:20am with your hiking pack & a DAY PACK.

Please make sure you come dressed ready to walk – good, comfortable walking boots with good walking socks and either gaiters or long loose pants with zip-off legs as there are scratchy bush parts to get through. We also recommend a broad-rimmed hat and long sleeve shirts for sun protection.

Things to take in the hiking pack: Pack in plastic bags to keep dry.
· sleeping bag
· sleeping mat
· raincoat
· Fleece/jumper
· headlight/ spare batteries
· first aid kit – triangular bandage, 1 elasticized roller bandage with pin, a few adhesive dressings
· insect repellent
· clothes for night & spare socks and undies.
· Spare shirt and pants in case first set gets wet
· camping stove (if having hot food/drink)
· eating utensils, plate/bowl/cup etc
· 3 litres water ( no water available at camp site)
· Food : Sabbath lunch,(something that doesn't have to be cooked, no time to set up stove), tea and sunday breakfast.
· trail mix/ scroggen
· Sunscreen, hat,
. deodorant, toothbrush and paste
· compass, pencil and paper
· few sheets of toilet paper in zip-lock bag
· 2 plastic bags for wet clothes, rubbish etc

**everything needs to fit into the backpack

DAY PACK will be left in the bus overnight please include;
1 ½ litres water ( can fill water bottles and Garie Beach)
Sunday lunch - prepacked (no time to cook anything) eg, processed cheese & crackers, peanut butter sandwich.etc
Extra scroggin,
Swimmers / small towel- (may get changed at Garie beach before day hike depending on the weather)

Please don't bring electronic gadgets, etc as we want to keep as natural as possible and girls please only wear sleepers or studs in your ears and leave other jewellery at home.


I am sure to have forgotten something so if you have any questions or comments please let me know.

Kind regards

Marcelle and Graeme Martin