Dad's Camp Out Pack Up ONLY - October 28

This is an activity that the Wahroonga Adventist School do and pack up tents that the families use.  The families pay for this privilege and it is one of the few fun raising activities that we do as a club. We encourage all Pathfinders and parents to participate.  It's pretty labour intensive!

Many of our Pathfinders and the Dad's attend the Camp Out as participants too.

Our role is to pack up Pathfinder tents on the Sunday morning.  Adventist Youth are going to set them up for us!

In 2018, it will be Pack Up on Sunday 28th Octonber.

Event Organiser in Mick Monteleone, Naomi Granger will be looking for volunteers to assist.

We need Pathfinders and parents to set up the tents on the Saturday and Pack them away on the Sunday once they are dry (usually late morning).

Please refer to the Calendar for Dad's Camp Out Set Up and Pack Up details for this year.

As the date approaches, please refer to "Upcoming Events" and emails with further details.

Event Organiser for 2018: Mick Monteleone and Naomi Granger