Frequently Asked Questions

For information about our activities such as Family Camp, Investiture etc, please refer to "Activities - All you Need to Know" or use the search option on the top right of each page.

How Much Does Being A Pathfinder Cost?

We try to keep costs to a minimum and the club and all activities are run by volunteers.  Annual membership is $100 per Pathfinder.   A food kitty levy of $40 per adult volunteer who participates in hall meetings.  There is a small fee associated with camps to cover camp site costs, and other expenses, these vary depending on the camp and are in the order of $25.

Do I Need To Wear A Uniform?

Yes, uniforms make Pathfinders real and visible.  It represents an ideal and standard. Our  field uniforms should be worn to all hall meetings and club events where the Formal Dress Uniform is not required.  Please rest assured that those without a Dress Uniform are very welcome to attend and participate in all our events.

Field - Polo Shirts are available directly from the club.  When registering at the start of the year, it can be purchased on the registration form.  They can also be purchased throughout the year by filling out this Uniform Order Form.  Please Click here.

Formal / Dress Uniform - This is a full uniform consisting of dress shirt and dress pants or skirt along with yellow scarf and other accessories.  Importantly it also has a sash worn over the right shoulder where children display all their honour badges and other badges earned as a result of attending various camps and events.  The Dress Uniform is required to be worn at the following events: Anzac Day Parade, Pathfinder Fair (held every second year), Pathfinder Day, Drug Free Walk, ADRA Appeal, Tinned Food Drive, Investiture and Pathfinder Rally. It is an honour to wear a Pathfinder Formal Dress Uniform. Make sure you have the components to complete the uniform.

New uniforms can be purchased from the ABC (Adventist Book Centre) retail outlet at 4 Cambridge Street Epping, click here to visit their web site.  Please free to contact our Uniform Co-ordinator: Nerolie King, to inquire about availability of second hand uniforms

What Do The Uniforms Look Like?

    Dress Uniform
To purchase items of Dress Uniform, please visit the Adventist Book Centre at Epping, where you are welcome to try on various sizes. Alternatively, you can order online.

The Wahroonga club name crest identifies the club the Pathfinder belongs to and is available for $8.50 from the club. If you need one, please place an order on your registration form.

There are some dress uniforms available second hand, please see our Uniform Coordinator to see what is available.

For more information including details of where to sew badges on Dress Uniform and all the components, please click here.

Field Uniform

The field uniform is specific to the Wahroonga Pathfinder club as opposed to the Dress Uniform which is the same for all Clubs.

The field uniform is a Polo Shirt, is to be worn for regular club meetings, with jeans or shorts.

We suggest that each Pathfinder has at least one club polo shirt, which can be purchased from the club for $36 each. These can be purchased at the start of the year when registering or throughout the year by filling out this order form. Please click here.

What Is An Honour?

Pathfinders derive a great deal of satisfaction in obtaining honours.  For a Pathfinder to earn an honour, the leaders expect that person will have done their very best.  There are over 300 honours that can be earned, covering a wide range of interests from art to music, fire lighting to photography to candle making.

If you as a parent have a skill, we would love to hear from you as we are always looking for a new challenge for the Pathfinders.  On completion of an honour, the Pathfinder receives a small patch token / badge.  These are sewn onto the dress uniform sash.

Do Pathfinders Have To Attend Every Event?

We encourage Pathfinders to attend all events on the calendar as they are able.

Please note, there are minimum attendance participation requirements in order for Pathfinders to be formally Invested at the end of the year.  If a Pathfinder is not Invested, they still progress to the next class the following year.  However, at the Investiture Ceremony, they will not receive a pin, chevron or level name strip stating their investiture level achieved eg "Friend".  The children treasure these so we ask that parents do all they can to ensure sufficient attendance so as to avoid disappointment at the end of the year.

We Are Not Vegetarian, Can My Child Eat Non-Vegetarian Food Whilst At Pathfinders?

Shared meals at hall meetings and campouts will be vegetarian and include favourites such as Haystacks (Adventist term for Nachos made with beans).  Meals that are prepared by individuals and families can be what ever they would like.

Do I Have To Buy A Lot Of Equipment So My Child Can Go On Camps?

No, in the first year if you don't already have camping equipment we recommend you purchase a good sleeping bag and a self inflating sleeping mat.  Check with the club before a camping event, we have some spare equipment.  As Pathfinders progress, and attend overnight hikes, they will need good hiking boots and a backpack.  We have favourable pricing with Mannagum and often place bulk orders and get discounted pricing.  An email is sent out each time we do this. The Club provides tents for Pathfinders and families can hire them for themselves for a nominal fee.  Keep an eye out specials from camping stores, and Aldi camping gear is great and VERY reasonably priced.

What Is A Standard Packing List For A Camp?

This looks like a VERY long list, this is an extensive list to cover almost every scenario including overnight hiking and being totally self sufficient.  Based on the duration of the camp, location and facilities and advice from leaders, please decide what is and is not required.  Most camps have toilet facilities and running water and/or we bring a lot of fresh water ourselves for drinking etc.

Clothes for day time, recommended long sleeved and shirt and long pants no matter what time of year - particularly important if hiking
Shorts with gaiters is an option too
Spare set of clothes in a waterproof bag (in case other clothes get wet, often night thermals will do)
Clothes for sleeping in, thermals are a good choice as can be used in the day if very cold
Socks & Underwear, one set per day
Shoes - enclosed
Waterproof windbreaker/jacket
Hat/Cap/Beanie - based on expected weather
Warm jumper/jacket - nights often cool at any time of year
Handy Tip - Pack each days clothes in a Zip Lock bag - keeps pack organised and if stuff gets on the ground it stays clean and dry)

Soap, small towel, hand santitiser
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Trowel for toilet (only needed if doing full day hikes with no facilities, generally only Expedition)

Small Bible, Notebook & Pen
Torch - small head torches are really handy (KMart often has them for $5), spare batteries
Plastic bags for wet/dirty clothes and rubbish - Zip lock bags great so as to not make everything else wet and dirty
Pack liner - a garbage bag works well, want to keep everything dry
Toilet paper in a plastic bag (Zip lock recommended)

Sleeping bag
Sleeping Mat
Sleeping bag liner (optional), keeps you warmer and keeps sleeping bag cleaner.  Can sew a single bed flat sheet or purchase from camping store.

Food, Water etc
Water and sturdy water bottle that will survive being dropped
Puratabs water filter (only needed if advised, usually only Expedition, share with others as they are expensive and rarely if ever actually needed).
Food - see suggestions below
Stove, fuel, billy/saucepan - can share with others or use facilities at location 
Eating utensils, bowl & cup

First Aid Kit
1 triangular bandage
1 wound dressing
1 elasticised roller bandage with a safety pin
Notebook and pencil (not pen)
Personal medications
UV Sunscreen
Insect repellent
Jelly beans (from chemist)
5m roll of duct tape

What Are Some Ideas For Food Whilst On Camp?

Most camps are what as known as "car camping" ie you do not have to be totally self sufficient and carry everything so within reason weight and bulk is not a huge issue. Here are some suggestions that relate to hiking and car camping.  You will be given details about the type of camping so you can determine the best options.

Take food that you enjoy, take what you need with a little extra, make sure food will cope without refrigeration and if the Pathfinder is attending without a parent, make sure they know how to prepare the food.

Breakfast Ideas
Cereal premixed with powdered milk in a zip lock bag.  Add water and you are done.
Car Camping
Pancake mix in a bottle (share as they make heaps)
French toast

Lunch Ideas
On many camps, lunch is out and about so generally something that does NOT require cooking/heating is best
Pre-made wraps/rolls (sandwiches tend to get squished) eg cheese and salad (nothing soggy like tomato)
Biscuits and cheese
Hard boiled eggs
"Snack Packs" - cheese, tuna (if not vegetarian)

Dinner Ideas
Plan for a warm hearty balanced meal with plenty of protein and carbohydrates
Dehydrated meals from supermarket or camping stores - just add water
Pot Noodles - maybe add something more nutritious to it
Car Camping
Pasta/Rice/Couscous, for sauce can reheat something home made or warm up a pre-made sauce
Reheat a pre-made meal, casserole complete with some carbs like potato
Sausages (vegetarian or meat) in a roll

Easy to carry and munch on the go, generally high energy content
"Trail Mix" - Mix of chocolate, nuts and dried fruit in a zip lock bag, can add lollies
Muesli Bars
Fruit/Veg - apples, mandarins, carrots, celery (nothing squishy)
Snack Packs - Cheese & crackers, Dip (eg Hummus) & crackers, Salsa and crackers etc

Can I Join If I Am Not Adventist?

Yes, we ask that you be respectful of Adventist beliefs and observances whilst participating in Pathfinder Activities

I Am Not Adventist, How Do You Respect And Observe Adventist Beliefs?

Sabbath - Sabbath is from sunset Friday evening until sunset on Saturday evening.  The Sabbath is a time to reflect on God and all He has provided us.  There is a focus on sharing this with friends and family and NOT burying heads in electronic devices.  Financial transactions do not occur on Sabbath.  Hall meetings start during Sabbath, if there are financial matters to deal with, we ask that these occur after Saturday sunset whilst the Hall Meeting is still in progress.

Vegetarian – Many Adventists are vegetarian (not all), when Pathfinders do "shared meals" these are always vegetarian.  We generally have "shared dinner" at Hall Meetings and one meal at each camp.

Alcohol – Alcohol and other drugs are NOT permitted for Pathfinders AND parents who are attending Pathfinder activities
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